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April 13, 2012


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Karen Beigh

Yes, it is looking like something very good. I am bad about BOM's. I want all the parts before I start. By the time I have all the parts, I sometimes have lost interest or I am working on other big projects.


I usually regret signing up for the BOM. That's because I do fall behind and then the little kits get separated and ... well you get the picture. Perhaps when I am next in the mood to get my act together I'll re-tackle one of my languishing BOM projects. Yours is looking good and I commend you for keeping up.


I've never done a BOM, always wanted to, but I guess I'm scared I won't like it, plus I like picking my own fabrics, etc. That's the best part! To me the problem here is that these colors don't look like YOU to me. Not clear and bright enough. Perhaps you just aren't getting a lift from this!


I am a BOM addict, I try not to get behind but usually do, then I feel awful and get more behind. Yours looks great.


I love the idea of BOMs, especially the free ones online where only the pattern is provided and you select your own fabrics. Sadly I often get behind and then struggle to return to the task. Right now I am way behind on my Sue Spargo BOM cause I've had such a crazy year. Congrats on keeping up with yours!!!

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