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November 09, 2010


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Alicia B


Sandy Panagos

That is really beautiful. Great job!


It's terrific! Hope you find a way to sew the next one soon. :-)


Fabulous! You say it went together superquick but it sure looks intricate.


That is fantastic and looks like a real stashbuster!!! Woo-Hoo!!!

Jean Burke

This is terrific - I just love the red squares - they really set off the other fabrics. Well done! Piece....

Prima Donna

Love, love, love it! What is this pattern?


Great job and congratulations on finding the time. I find inspiration in all the wonderful blogs. Quilters are wonderful people. Thanks for sharing!


Love your quilt. I need to find time to get rid of some of my stash.

amy holmes

Very nice!! I know what ya mean if we could sew without interuptions.The people at my house like meals also,that's why I love my crock pot.


It looks great. I think most of my interruptions are myself - "I really should be ...[insert household task here]" I am trying to stop that!


Hope they're going to be ready for your company.

I'm dying to see them finished! Bet you are too. ;>


Wow!! This is awesome. I am sooooo jealous.

Keva Bartnick

It's BEAUTIFUL! One question....how did you get the red square into the pattern...I'm a fairly new quilter and I have a whole stash of new fabric to make a french braid quilt and yours is one of the coolest I've seen yet.

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