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November 01, 2010


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Already interesting. In fact, it's always interesting to see how the colors and contrasts take shape in a scrap quilt.

The red squares do a wonderful job of creating a consistency. But isn't it revealing to see how the darks really reveal their randomness while, to my eyes, the off-whites really want to look like another constant.

You are a bold and disciplined woman to plan two of these for Christmas!


Your braids are wonderful!! What a great project to cut into your stash. You are brave to be planning to get 2 done before Christmas! 1080 pieces times 2... I guess that's 2160 pieces for you :0) I can't wait to see your progress on these.


I like the way the red squares give this scrap quilt some structure. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress (no pressure, though).

Florence Kensek

That's awesome, Megan! I love scrappy and that is so different! BTW -- did you get any sleep this weekend? Florence


I found you're blog yesterday-I really enjoy it. Good luck and keep sewing-No speeding!!


It looks great! I'm thinking about doing some stash busting by doing Bonnies mystery quilt. It'll be a first for me!!

Lori R

Love the braids! You are always an inspiration to me. Hope you can put one in the GSQ Show in May.


Have you considered trimming the bottom so that the design ends on the point of the red squares?

It's wonderful the way it is but the red squares are such an important element of the design I'd obsess about missing a row of them. But that's me and I obsess about everything.

I really want to be sure you understand that I'm not criticizing. I really love what you've done and I'm thinking about breaking out some scraps to make one that I hope looks as balanced and vibrant. Just thought this might be one of those things you don't see until it's all done.

Karen Beigh

That is a lot of rectangles to cut but well worth the effort. Good thing you did it over a period of time. I should do the same thing.

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