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June 08, 2010


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So sorry to hear about the broken arm. But he must have one really cool cast. Sounds like it has all the bells and whistles. Loving your new project!


Boys do think broken bones are a sign of honor. I remember sitting with my son and his friends as they bragged about the number of bones they broke and how they broke them. The winner was the one with the most gruesome story! It's great (and about time) that they can do waterproof casts. Nice to see he has an outstanding personality!

Lori Holt

Love your new applique project!...so sorry about the arm:)


I love the red background. Such a beautiful block. Between your project and the cast, you will surely remember this as the RED summer.

Denise in PA

I LOVE that red background - great choice! I hope the little one heals quickly and that you all have a wonderful summer o:)


Oh, this looks fun! Hope the arm heals quickly.


beautiful project Megan. Mine is still waiting to be started. So much to do before my daughters wedding, Sad to hear about your arm. I hope you get better soon.


just found your site,, and loving it..
thank you

Karen Beigh

I didn't know casts came in colors. Hope it isn't on very long.

Mrs Moen

Your new block is beautiful; I love the blurry looking red background with the bright coloured applique pieces!
Sorry about the broken arm!


Your new applique-block looks great Megan! I love red backgrounds, I am still working on the red AMGQ.
I hope your son's arm heals quickly.


Sorry to hear about the broken bone!!

What a sweet applique block and I love the red background!!


The block looks great! Aren't you glad I forced you to buy the pattern? When is our next shopping trip?


Sorry about the red cast, but love the red background. Have a safe summer.

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