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June 01, 2010


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I don't put borders on a lot of my quilts, but I think this one is calling out for something.:) Just my 2 cents.
It looks great!!

Sarah Vee

WOW! I could gaze at this a long time. Beautiful work. I can see a big wide red, blue or white border - or nothing. Good luck with your decision:)

Muriel Riggs

A border is needed to give the eyes a place to stop and rest. A great quilt.

Chartreuse Moose

I'd vote for a border...but then again...it is more about what you find appealing!


I love it! One simple dark blue border is my only suggestion.

wishes, true and kind

Absolutely no border necessary in my opinion :)


Oh. My. That is impressive.


This is beautiful. And it should look the way you want it to look.

But since you asked... if it was my quilt, I'd go with a a pieced border picking up the same half square triangles (one, two or three rows), but maybe in a larger size using a blue/dark blue combination.

I look forward to seeing what you decide upon!

~ Ronda


After looking one more time, let me amend that. : )

I'd make another row of the same blocks (same size) all the way around, but use the blue/dark blue combination.

~ Ronda


Great quilt! I might try either a red or blue border just to frame it.


no idea about the border, but the quilt is just great !!! I would give it a home anytime ;-))


It looks great without a border, but a big red, white or blue solid color border would look good too. I guess it depends on if the quilt is the size you want it?

You're have the patience of a saint to make that many 1/2 square triangles, either that or crazy. :)


Ohhh - I like it a lot! I'd be tempted to leave it without a border. I love how effective one simple shape can be.


This is an awesome quilt, Its so full of movement! I think a couple of rows of the same half triangles in the darker shades would do the trick. But whatever you do will look great! I look forward to seeing it!


Great job! Each quilt is a work of art with no right or wrong... to border or not to border? Hmmmm, I would add a border if the quilt were mine. But, again, I say there is no right or wrong. Lay it on a piece of fabric that could be the border and ponder it for a few days...


Its beautiful as is. I vote for a simple, traditional red binding.


Whoo! That makes me dizzy!! =)


Oooo - a skinny, skinny red border and a wide neutral border (@4") would be great - lovely!

Karen Beigh

I think a border might be in order.

Iris G

I love it .. border or not ... it is great as it is. However, I think that Jen may be on a winning idea .. skinny red and then neutral. Thansk for sharing

Virtual Quilter

All that work should be framed .... I would add a narrow white border (about half the size of the triangles) then a wider dark blue border.

Judy B


I think you should add a border OR add a little interest in the quilt by turning one triangle, as if you had made a mistake. I would be eye-catching.


729 triangles?! You deserve some kind of award, Beautiful!


I'm thinking a small red border would be the perfect finishing touch but of course it is your call.

Blogless me

My humble opinion: definitely a border!

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