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June 21, 2009


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Donna Smith

Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


There was not one of these quilts that I didn't like. They were all gorgeous and I especially loved the applique. Wow!


The Vermont Quilt Festival is awesome. Those are some awesome quilts!

Kate quilts...

They're beautiful. *sigh*

I don't have an applique quilt in me (I think) but I do love to look at them.


wow, wow, wow they are so beautiful. Thanks so much for posting your pictures - they are so very inspirational.


Drooling on the keyboard here. You've shown my absolute favourite quilts of all time, thank you so much. Do you think the blue on the quilts was originally a green that lost colour? By the way, I hope you remembered the milk!

Karen Beigh

Really great quilts! I would love to own all of them. I would be happy to even make one like
Did you get the milk?


my absolute favorites, red/green applique quilts

Karen sewprimitive

Oh, thank you for posting these gorgeous quilts. Can't wait to see more. Are these privately owned?


Those are the most gorgeous quilts...thank you for sharing them with us. And I see nothing wrong with driving to Vermont for milk...I hear it's fresher there! LOL!


Thanks so much for sharing photos of these magnificent quilts! This is the kind of needlework that attracted me to quilting in the first place.


Thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to the next installment.


Wonderful quilts! I can't wait to see more.
Did you get your milk?! LOL


did nunzilla get in for free?


Beautiful! I especially like the red and white quilt in the middle. (Milk sounds like a perfectly justifiable excuse!)


They are all beautiful! A milk run and you just happened upon the quilts. :-)


Awesome quilts! Looking forward to seeing more pictures.


Those are great quilts! Thanks for the photos. I love those red, green and ivory applique quilts. The antiques always inspire me.

Interesting how they added some blue. Was that on purpose or did some of the green turn bluish over time? Probably on purpose, I'd guess.



I so wish that I could go to this show..maybe next year!! I love to got to the members boutique first. I go the first day they open and litterally am there waiting for the doors to open.. then I do the whole circuit of pics before it gets crowded..THEN I will stroll and read all the lovely comments and view the exquisite quilts

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