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June 30, 2009


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Oh wow! If I only had the patience...

Joan Callaway

I literally almost gasped when your page came up! I love the blues and purples and greens! And I never would have thought of brown, but you're right -- it's perfect! Can't wait to see it all put together!


My very first thought was: Wow, look at how those colors pop against brown! Who'd have thought! Wonderful!


I love your "garden." I have to ask, is this raw edge applique? It sure doesn't look like it and I was wondering what method you use.


Still loving every one of these blocks. Stunning.....


Beautiful! I am an avid appliquer, but since shifting towards using the freezer paper/starch method for preparing them I have had trouble with my inner points fraying. Any tips?

Jeanne Bancroft

You were right on when you picked the brown background... every block looks just amazing on that color! Yay you!

Kathleen in NJ

Another winner!!!!


Just love the colours you have chosen. the whole quilt is just going to WOW everyone
Thankyou for sharing


Love the colors on against the brown! Very pretty!!!


megan the "chocolate" is the perfect background for POC designs and the fabrics you chose is just the right frosting...They developed an earlier design with the chocolate background and tulips (all different) you will have to see it to believe it..do you know your layout? and what about the boarder are you doing the boarder??


Love the colors you've choosen for this pattern. What technique do you use for transferring the pattern onto a dark background?


Wow! That is a beautiful square. I LOVE the brown.


très joli !!!

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