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April 15, 2009


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For such a colorful gal, you're doing gorgeous things with blacks and whites. Happy Birthday and here's to a brilliant year!

Kelly Grace

You're 21 right? :)


I'm going to cheat and enter once for myself, and once for my mother-in-law, Claudia, who is in Germany right now, but I'm sure she'd enter the contest if she could! She just adores you! :o) But you knew that already, didn't you?
So, Happy Birthday from me!

Claudia (by Melissa)

...and Happy Birthday from Claudia! (by proxy)
I know she'd want to wish you a very happy birthday if she were here! :o)


I love that pattern for the quilt. It could use up lots of strips of fabric that I have cut. But I would also love to be entered in the give away!


Happy birthday to you! Would love to be entered in your drawing - thanks so much!


Hi Megan -- I remember when you made that cover for your chair -- and it still looks like new!!! Guess you don't sit much. Well, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Happy Birthday!!! Age is just a number. Who cares? My college kid's grandma made her a black and white quilt. I should have one too, and since my birthday is Monday, that fabric would be a great present.


Happy Birthday to you!!! I love reading your blog even though I am not a very good quilter

Quinta da Quilter

Happy Birthday!
The black and white theme is contagious. After reading this post I ran to my stash for a look see - and now have to run to the store for more fabrics!

Dayna/Scottie Acres Boutique

Happy Birthday! No "God Awful Green" fabric scraps hanging around to add to the quilt? I like the black and white....always have.


Happy Birthday. I really like your black and white quilt. I've never thought about doing a quilt in black and white before...thanks for the inspiration!


Happy Birthday!!

Cheryl M.

Love the start of the B and W quilt. Please show when you finish. Happy Birthday and many more. Cheryl in FL.


:-)))) Happy Birthday. Would love some strips!


Looks like your ready for the studio photo shoot! That is one mighty fine looking ironing board cover!

Can I enter the contest too??


Happy birthday!! Love the black and white quilt!!


Happy Birthday to a fellow April b-day girl...love having 'my day'.. wish I didn't have to add a year to my age, tho! Love the B&W quilt...just what that green room needs.

Vicki W

Happy Birthday! I love your B&W quilt and your beautiful new IB cover.


Happy Birthday. #1 Son said the weather was rainy in PA. Hope it was better where you are. Actually, #1 son would love that black and white quilt. It would go perfectly with his red tractors!


Sounds good to me! Hey April is a great month to be born - my birthday was one week ago:) Hope you have a great day and get lots of pressies and don't have to cook!!!


Enjoy your birthday! You are a wise woman to let your son choose, even if it is kind of "Kermit green" because paint color isn't immoral, illegal, deadly, or eternal (so, not worth fighting over) but his memories of it being "his" will last a long time. And black/white is a great way to enhance without adding more brightness.


Megan, Happy Birthday! You don't look a day over "2?"!:-) Hope you have a great day. I would love to win those strips. I will use them for my church's Hugs Ministry. We make quilts for kids in crisis and we are totally donation funded. Thank you for the opportunity to win them. Take care and God bless, Cory


Happy Birthday Megan. Hope you enjoy the day.
Love the Black and white. Your sons are very lucky to have a great Mom like you.


Happy Birthday! I love to add black and white fabrics to my quilts. And I think they are the perfect choice to go with the G-A-Ggy walls. :D

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