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March 12, 2009


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Donna Smith

Wow! I'm not a NJ shopper, but I love the quilt! You did a masterful job!


Oh wow! It is really beautiful! Great job.

Vicki W

It's really beautiful!

sheri howard

Isn't it amazing what a good quilter can do? I mean, a lot of quilt tops are pretty until they are quilted, then they are beautiful. I think it makes them come to life. I LOVED your quilt!


Beautiful quilt, but that machine quilting is like artwork. It is beautiful.


Absolutely gorgeous!


oh wow! Jeanne did a wonderful job quilting this...
I loved this quilt from day one...whats not to like about a red and white quilt may I ask???


Your design is lovely! What about us Non-New Jersey quilters? :-)
PS - Jeanne's quilting looks fab!


Love the quilt - have you named it yet? I am also a NJ quilter and saw your Lollipop quilt at QuiltFest last week - it was FABULOUS in person! What a happy quilt!!!

I too, have had Jeanne do some work for me and getting something back from her is better than Christmas morning - her workmanship makes a good quilt spectacular!!!



Well, I sure wish I lived in NJ, this is a beautiful quilt, both the pattern and the quilting.

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