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March 14, 2009


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Too funny. We celebrate PI day too - with a husband who is very math-driven and two daughters who majored in math at college it is a given. enJOY

Karen sewprimitive

Oh, how funny, I had to think for a minute.


There must be a quilt pattern in there some place.


Looks yummy! What kind? Ours was lemon chiffon. This is the first time I had heard of Pi Day. I think I like it!


How funny! My daughter was just telling me that her Geometry teacher was reminding them that Pi day was today. My husband, who is an actuary, didn't even know. Now what kind of mathematician is that?

Quilt Enthusiast

Who knew it was Pi day,now I do.
Thanks for the bite.

jo ann

Never heard of PI day but I do not do math. Married an analyst for that. As for the quilt from yesterday where ...WOW!!!
Guess I need get with it. Just figured out LQS.
Missed you at the GSQ meeting..I have green for you guess I will put it in the mail.
Any hints for a web hosting site? Read some not so nice stuff about Networks Solutions.
Write that pattern. I just wrote my very first one this weekend. Want to proof it for me??

Janet Brady

Hi Megan. I found your blog through Quilting Bloggers. I was attracted by the picture of your Lollipos quilt on the header. I took a picture of this quilt at the Mancuso Show last week and put it on my blog of the quilts I really loved at the show. Of course, I gave you credit. My blog is bradyladyquilter.blogspot.com. I also celebrated Pi day last week. I'm a collaborative teacher in a Geometry class and we had Tastycake pies while we watched a video on Pi.

Jo Morton

I like how you think!
I had just read in the morning paper that it was Pi day, then saw your Pie on your Blog - very big smile.

Betty KY

love your quilts! your Aunt Millies is wonderful, just got the pattern and will be starting it soon. what method of applique did you use?

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