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March 29, 2009


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Quilt Enthusiast

Have a great time. You deserve it. Love your new block.


Isn't it interesting, all the different methods for applique, there's a way to do it to suit everyone I think.
Great news on your Lollypop quilt! I bet it generates a lot of comments.


I wish I was going to MQX this year, then I would be able to see your lovely quilt up close and personal. I also usually go to QHC, but alas not this year either. I do love your explanation on the applique.


Love the block! I'll be at Lancaster too, working at the shop's booth!


Your blocks are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your technique with us.I use one that is very similar.I used to have trouble getting nice points, until I saw a pic of one of your prepped blocks with the leaf tips still sticking out. That is when I figured it out. Now my leaf points look so much better.


Beautiful as usual. Lancaster? Darn. We were there a week ago. Son's birthday you know. Have a great spring.

Denise in PA

Oh, goody - I'll be able to see your Lollipop Quilt twice!! I saw it at the NJ quilt show and I'll be at MQX. Fun! I sure am loving your Aunt Millie's (I LOVE your color choices!)


MQX will be loads of fun, I'm sorry I won't be there to see your quilt hang in style!

Lori holt

Your block is beautiful- I really love the brown background- it makes the applique pop!
I would love to see the finished quilt!

clare bower

Hi lovely block and helpful tips .
clares craftroom


I love your block. It's wonderful. have a great time at the show.


megan.. your block looks great!! love your colors!! I too.. have used the same method of applique. I find with Piece of Cake patterns it is very suitable with the repeat patterns..


Love this block. The browns look wonderful.

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