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September 27, 2008


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May it rest in peace. There's a tear in my eyes for you , I know what your going through...:c( Is there any hope?
Mine is in "hospital", the verdict, of whether it can be fixed or not, has not been returned. It may depend on the cost also... we may just have to put it down if it's too much..sniff..sniff..}c(

But yes we can love more than one company. The sick one is a Singer, the new one is a Brother. The old workhorse in the cabinet, too heavy to move, is a White, so I've spread the wealth.

As for the rulers... you are so right! I've just put in my wish list for new rulers for my birthday and for Christmas. I have a large 24" one, many angled ones and a few speciality ones, but you can never have enough. I want some square ones, and a 6"X12" one for sure...:c)

Hope you can resume sewing soon, and that you feel better after this letter of condolences...:c(



"And be sure to put them in a place where you can find them----finding it when you need it (before you buy another one) is half the battle!" AMEN!!!!

Sorry to hear about your motherboard. Condolences.....


I love Creative Grid rulers because they are so easy to read! I have a 2.5" SQ, a 4.5" SQ, a 6.5"SQ, a 8" SQ, a 12.5" SQ and a 15" SQ!

Can you tell I like them too?


Observing moment of silence :::::::: I hope you see the return of your healthy machine SOON!


My prayers go with Ber Nina. Motherboard will find a place in computer chip heaven. My best wishes the Jenome rises to the sewing challenge.

SQ's oh my..more things to buy..and another peg in my wall to hold them.

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