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September 22, 2008


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Julie Neu

Love the brown stripe! Of course, that might be because I am on a diet and feeling a little chocolate deprived at the moment. :-)


I love the block! I understand fully about wanting to keep working!


I just love that quilt. . . even if I wouldn't have the time (now) to make it. . . I think I will be needing to - at least - get the book. . . & I can make it vicariously through your posts! (Love the brown too!)
xo, Bren


I like the brown. I have been collecting reds but it is hard to find a variety of good, clear reds. The brown is a great option.


I think that quilt will look fabulous on that background!


I just love your applique, the only appliqe I've ever done is fuse and zig-zag. Never the 'real' stuff. One of these days I'm going to bite the bullet (fear of the whole hand thing) and give it an honest to goodness try. For years I've admired pictures of beautiful quilts, antique and new that have been appliqued and....someday....I'm just going to DO IT!

I really like the red against the brown, on your block, it gives it a real warm glow.


And by-the-way I totaly understand loosing a week, done that... often.(*LOL*)


oh yes, looks pretty in brown
have got that book too, but as i have quite some more projects running, I wont be able to join you now
but who knows how long I can stand that

mary burns

I wish I lived near you gals, so I could be in Aunt Millie's...Hugs, Mary


Love that flower!! Hey I have those little red scissors too.

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