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September 09, 2008


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Phew! It just took a pair of shoes? ;-)
That couldn't have been pleasant. Hope you're feeling better quickly.

Vicki W

Just one pair? I think you short-changed yourself!


The shoes are definitely a must-have...especially after the morning at the dentist!

Mary Anne Drury

OUCH !!! I think you need an entire truck load of shoes AND another one of fabric !!!

Nancy Page

I think you need shoes and fabric. Here's to a speedy recovery. Miss Nancy


God bless the person who invented laughing gas . . . (as well as the designer of those cute shoes!) Hope you feel better soon. . . !
xo. Bren


Hi, a question for you, could you please help Anina with the web surf ring for Dear Baby Jane? It would have been so nice to have these blogs! Look at her blog today! Thank you!


Ouch, hope you feel better quickly, lots of quilting to do... Love the shoes too...


HATE the dentist thing, LOVE shopping! Adorarable shoes, and I agree you did short change yourself. After a morning like that I would have come home with at least a few extra yds. of fabric AND the shoes.

Take care and get better soon...



Seriously, was the $90 the best part? Well I mean the shoes are good, but yeah, bring on that gas.


Sorry to hear your Tuesday was spent at the dentist. OOoooo that didn't sound fun. The laughing gas-yes, the pin -NO!
Great shoes though. Hope your mouth and face feel better. Oh And Play it for all it's worth with DH.

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