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September 12, 2008


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That's probably the cutest laptop bag I've ever seen- love the fabric.

Vicki W

That's a great laptop bag!


What a cute bag! I must ask permission to "copy" your idea. Please? Purty Please?

I made myself a bag just last week, you can see it on my blog, and since I have almost unlimited fabric choices with all those designer samples I was blessed with I'm looking for new ideas. Yours is great!


Aren't they fun to make. I made one for my niece last Christmas and she still is using it. Of course I still don't have one.lol.I also had magnetic snaps for extra "safety". Have fun using yours.


Love it!!!

Michelle Day

Looks like a great bag for a lap top, or other things. I love to make bags, I love to look at bags.

Nancy Page

Really nice bag, and smart as well. Good thinking. I wonder what ideas are coming, one in brights maybe? a pattern maybe? Can't wait to see. Have a great day. Have a great class.


Great Tote! I'm taking the Nov. Class. And of course I love the Bk-Wh-Rd color scheme. You know what they say about Black..it's my favorite color until a darker one is available.LOL

Glad you're feeling better.


What a great idea, I have a laptop that I have to carry round for work, it would be such fun to think about making a custom bag!


ooouuuu...this bag is so....so.....she-she!!!

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