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August 23, 2008


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Really pretty, their work is so distinctive. I'm definately not up for this kind of challenge but I sure appreciate thework that goes into it!


That is so pretty -- and so definitely a Piece o'Cake design! If I ever get Flourishes finished I just might take this one on!


Oh just love this. Loved it the first time I saw it too! Very detailed but worth it, and the red is just yummy. I think one of them is making it again in another background...I think I read that on thier blog.


I have this one too. I have collected some reds for the backgrounds and have one block cut but it will take me some time to get it made. But I do love the quilt. Will you do yours with red?


I picked up this pattern earlier this summer and it's been on my mind alot. There's something about it that keeps calling my name. :-)


I LOVE this Piece O'Cake quilt! I can't even bring myself to get busy on a giant 4 block Red Wagon applique! But I do love this one and will follow along with your progress. The inspiration will do me good, and I may just tackle it! I love the red!



Oh Megan, The pressure, the pressure. But you saved me twice with an applique challenge, how can I refuse.


Tempting, tempting, tempting! Will you bail me out if I get stuck? I just might have to join this one as I was sorry I missed the Lollipops.

Quilt Enthusiast

Sign me on to the Aunt Millie project.


Hi Megan,
I just loved seeing how the Lollipops came together. Count me in on this one. I need a fall challenge.



I love your blog! I think I found it through Marisa's blog. Anyway - I also love the Aunt Millie's Garden pattern and recently started it. I happened to have tons of solid red on hand, so I'm using that and am trying to recreate the Piece o' Cake pattern as nearly as possible. I've finished (almost) three blocks - it's a great take-along project!

mary burns

Hi Megan, Oh I just love Aunt Millie's Garden too! and your vacation to Cape Cod looks Beautiful. Your Lollipop Quilt I have been following your progress all summer - GREAT JOB!! I just love hand applique...are you going to hand or machine applique? My machine applique is a little shaking, am getting better each time I do it! I think "quilting insanity" runs for all of us who love to create with fabric. Have a great weekend, Hugs, Mary


HMMM..... Machine applique these blocks????? Mary Burns got some brains thinking....

Would this be cheating??

PS. It is almost the time to get ready for "the feast of Sr Mary Awful". No- she isn't turning 50 either!!

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