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February 07, 2008


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Some day the home made mac and cheese will surely win out, right?! I gave up early on--especially after hearing my daughter and her friends wax lyrical about Annie's easy mac. The finer points of buttery bread crumb topping are lost on my child. Maybe there will be a day when smoked gouda and sauteed onions will be applauded. Until then, thank you, Annie! :-) Remember the muffins!


Good things come to those who wait --- I can attest that the time will come when homemade mac & cheese beats the box -- my boys always loved the kind in the blue box. Nowadays they prefer mom's homemade with the buttery bread crumb topping.

Freda's Hive

So cute. You have to take the "good" part of days where ever you can get them because sometimes they are few and far between.


mmmmm, homemade mac & cheese..haven't had it in so long, my husband makes the most wonderful, creamy, yummy-for-my-tummy mac & cheese in the world! (he's the cook over here) But we're on diets, so will have to wait
but you sure did make my mouth water, can I have just a bite?
thanks for sharing,


Hmmmmm I've not tried that mac and cheese but I do love me some mac n cheese.

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