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September 22, 2007


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LOL. I'll find projects like that, wonder what I had planned for them, not want to spend the time thinking up something new, so back in the drawer they go! Eventually they get so stale they're outtahere. Not so with your blocks though -- they're timeless and so pretty!


Is it a coincidence that these blocks are red and white? I am looking forward to see something wonderful from these beauties!


Love the shelf thingie! I've got several stacks of carefully arranged fabrics and I have no clue what I was planning to do with them.
Kind of scary, really...


Catching up on your last few posts as I was behind reading. You are talking more about your own quilting these days I think - I'm so glad. Hearing about Lakehouse is OK now and then but this is your blog and we want to hear more about you and your quilting. Your little wishes quilt is darling and I LOVE your little pineapple quilt! Your cutting party sounds like it was a lot of fun. I've had a few of those with my friend Cher and have accomplished a great deal. I think cutting with friends is way more fun than cutting alone.

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