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September 25, 2007


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Love the blue and white plate from Norway. The little quilt so goes with the cake and plate. I didn't grow up having blueberries available to eat, but love them now. This recipe is a winner. Wish I would have thought of your blog title first. Will Work For Fabric is so perfect.

Thanks for a wonderful blog!


I know the cake will be really good, how can you miss with blueberries and sugar and flour and a touch of lemon. I will make a trip to the store for blueberries soon, as I don't have any fresh picked in the freezer (sometimes I do). Thanks for the recipe and also the really nice little quilt pattern. I will be trying that real soon too. I have to start working on moving the stash from whole pieces to little pieces to completed objects. I have no more room for un cut fabric :o)


This looks yummy! Off to try one myself!


OOOOO....GREAT-sounding cake. I found it because of upstate lisa's blog. (Thanks, Lisa.) Gee....and a giveaway, too? Count me in, okay, because that little quilt is TOO adorable!!!


Blue and yellow are my favorite color combinations. The lemon blueberry cake is on my to do list for tomorrow. Looks yummy.


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