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September 25, 2007


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kathie holland

Ok, I need to meet Peg!
a car carrier for a shopping trip to Pa, I can totally relate and understand!!!!!
I love blueberries , this looks delicious I need a piece!
and of course I just love the little quilt, good job!
buttons are a great addition to this quilt!
Kathie in NJ

Cindy  Lammon

The cake sounds yummy! Love the quilt - blue and yellow - one of my favorite color combinations!

Carol Coombs

Just loved the receipe and the quilt. But most of all loved the previous blog with the nuns picture. I can totally relate!


OhMyGosh, that cake looks fabulous on your perfect-color-combo quilt to match the recipe! Yum, Yum-Yummy-O!!!


what a pretty little doll quilt. Trying the cake tomorrow-yum.


OK, guess I'll have to run to the store again! Sounds delicious--and the quilt is darling!

Vickie E

I might just make that little quilt. I have limited crafting/quilting time lately so small is great for me too! Cake looks yummy.


I love how your quilt and desert compliment each other. I have been drooling over all of the deserts, but diabetes limits the amount of sweets I can actually eat. The fabric goodies, however I can have as much as my hubby will tolerate. ;)


The dessert looks great. It looks so pretty sitting on a little quilt that coordinates with it. It sort of reminds me of Sandra Lee (The Food Network). Her clothes, kitchen, curtains, kitchen utensils, and table scape all coordinate with the food theme she is cooking for that particular show. It's so cute!

Vivian Love

This cake looks easy and delicious! Just the kind I love! I'm going to try it soon. Thanks for sharing. Love the little quilt too!


Loooove blueberries and yellow and blue looks great in my sewing room! BTW I am a Lakehouse fabricholic!!!

Priscilla campbell

Yes, I do love blue and white and yellow- In fact my whole house loves these colors- I need to have a bed room in the back something different maybe red- anyway good job- very pretty


It looks so good and of course I love how its accessorized!


Your dessert looks fabulous. I can't wait to try the recipe myself.


I must say that I have already had a chance to sample this mmmmmmmmmm delicious cake of Megan's -- she made it for us when we met to do the interview for my podcast. If you haven't listened to it yet, you haven't had the pleasure of hearing how Holly and Megan "work" together. Holly is right, they are different and so compatible because they are different.

I'm so glad that you chose this dessert, Megan - this the yummiest cake! And now, I have the recipe, too ; )


Hi from Norway (NORGE)!! how fun to see my country's name on your blog! Nice blog, very inspirational writing and wonderful pictures!


I'm pretty sure I already have those triangles -- may need to get some buttons. Cake sounds delicious


does the cake come with the quilt? everything looks great!

Mary Anne Drury

OH MAN !!! That cake looks GOOOOOD!!! (and easy -- YEAH!) I definately have to try this recipe -- I live with a bunch of blueberry -a - holics! ..... AND, I LOVE your idea of using buttons on little quilts -- how CUTE!1 ....AND, as a resident of Pa. -- been there, done that (re: loading up on fabrics in Lancaster !!!-- I always meet my sister there -- that way I have her car as a back up for fabric transport!!)

Beth Dasecke

yum the cake look soo good and the little quilt is so sweet I would love to be in the draw .Have a fab day Beth


I just found your blog and LOVE IT!. I want to try your blueberry recipe very soon. Thanks so much for the little quilt instructions as well.

Laura Tawney

Love the blueberry cake it looks delicious! The blue and yellow quilt is very fun and love the buttons:)


Yum not only is blue and yellow my favorite color combination but blueberry and lemon is one of my favorite flavor combinations (I like too many to just have one flavor combination!) Looking forward to the quilt show on Saturday -- your almost but not quite monthly or bi-monthly quilting group is planning a road trip on Saturday. We figured since you couldn't get to us last week and can't get there next time, we'll come to you :)


The cake recipe sounds scumptious. Can't wait to try it! Have you ever had banana and blueberry pie? It's the specialty at the train station (!) in Far Hills. I thought that combination was unbeatable. I'm hoping to be surprised by blueberry and lemon....

Wendy Ouellette

Oh boy...this recipe looks like a keeper. I love coffee cakes anyway, but you bsolutely sold me on it with the part where you drizzle the lemon juice and sugar on the top.yum-m-m. Nice quilty stuff too..you just happened to have a blue and yellow quilty item to set off your lemon blueberry cake? How clever of you!
Wendy(in New Brunswick Canada...the land of many blueberries)

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