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February 05, 2009


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Mary Beth

Your Millies look FANTASTIC!! I think I might have to purchase this book/pattern for the future! I really like the brown backgrounds too. To me the flowers seem like they are some wildflowers growing at the base of a large tree in the forest. I so enjoy your blog and watching your applique masterpieces grow. Thanks for sharing!


Love the Aunt Millie's Blocks. I think an orange person might look like an Oompa Loompa?!


They're beautiful. Now you've got me picturing actual orange people though.

Carrie P.

great job!! they are beautiful!


Gorgeous! Love the brown backround.


They are sooooo beautiful! Just my style - love love LOVE them!!!! Yes, do some orange - I love orange - I am what an 'orange' person looks like!! No I don't have an orange fake tan, but I am surrounded by orange!! I just did a post a couple of weeks back about my orange kitchen:) Just repeat to yourself....orange is good....orange is good....lol!!!


I love your fabric choices! Can I hire you to pick out the fabrics for my blocks? I promise I will do the prep and the applique.

sheri howard

Oh, those blocks make me SO HAPPY! I love the bright colors, and I love the applique! Thanks for sharing! Keep going!


That is going to be one beautiful quilt.


The only orange person I've seen is on Willie Wonkas Chocolate factory (the original version). Now if you are thinking of haircolors,,,, a bottle of "Sun in" turned my dark Irish locks a sunny shade of orange once!
Love all the blocks..It's a perfect time for orange - with some green! March is coming quick with the best holiday.... St. Patricks Day!!!


They are beautiful!!!

martha Bilski

Lovely! Scrumptious! seriously cool


Gorgeous. Really enjoying the roll out of each block and how they look so lovely together.


looking wonderful! the colours are working beautifully.


They're beautiful. Love your choice in fabrics and colors. I really like how the colors pop off of the background brownish color fabric.


Oh so delicious!

Vicki W

Oh, they are fantastic!


megan..you are so right they look fantastic with the chocolate backgrounds..so very yummy!! Your colors are fantastic. I love to see all the blocks together.. are you doing your sashing like theirs with your brights or with different chocolates..

Lisa D.

Wow - your blocks are amazing!


The blocks are absolutely beautiful! The applique is just wonderful on that dark fabric.


I love your fabric you have chosen for your Aunt Millie's quilt.
Are you just using your stash? The fabrics look fantastic!

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