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March 22, 2008


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Very cool to see how we each do it! Mine would have chalk pencils, sandpaper board, freezer paper..loads of things. Whatever way we make them it all turns out fabulous!

Stacy A

Whew I'm glad someone asked. At the moment my basket would have freezer paper, needle, and thread. But then I am not doing that unbelievable lollipop quilt. That is some crazy applique. Megan, thanks for sharing your basket. Since I am mostly teaching myself it is great when someone shares their little secrets. Your DJ blocks look great.
Love Stacy


I found Mary Ellen's spray sizing in a clear odorless form. It's supposed to be the best product on the market right now. Just picked it up yesterday and haven't tried it yet.


have not seen a few of those products here, but I use gygli cloth for shapes.. and you leave it in.. its great and gives the finished thing a 'padded' look

Happy Easter to you and yours Megan

who is already into the chocolate eggs, and is waiting for some of her kids to come home or wake up! its 8.45am sunday in aussieland and I want to start eating chocolate! LOL


I love the other guy looking over the snow pile at his brother!

Love the basket idea! Hmmm looks like the bunny got to the chocalate already! I think I may raid my cabinets and see what pretty containers I can store my items in. Happy Easter!
PS- Sr. Mary Awful says she's on to block 2 and going strong. Maybe the bunny will leave her a sewing basket???


Thanks to you teaching me your method, I still have a similar little plastic pin for my applique supplies for prepping the blocks. You can accomplish more applique if they are always ready to go.


The spring memo has not come our way either. Thanks for the info on the basket.


My DH and I got a huge kick out of the hoop photo. The Berkshires aren't quite so snowy, though it is a whopping 20 degrees at the moment.

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