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March 14, 2008


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Oh - perfect background for that quilt. And I LOVE that quilt! I think I want to do one like that also. Have you tried to talk Kathie into doing that one?

Lots of your new reproductions have found their way onto my shelves too - for the very same reason LOL!


Yes it is very Pamkittyish!And I love the tiny stripe with the little strawberry or rose in the middle picture and that Alex fabric in the top will be perfect for that quilt. Sounds like a good day. I enjoyed meeting the Quilt Branch ladies fall market at a dinner hosted by the sweet Tammy T.

Happy Weekend!


Yes, early May I am back and another 'field trip' will be in order. I can't wait. I love that background fabric, it is perfect for that quilt.


I L-O-V-E the fabric you chose for the repro quilt - can't wait to see this one come together! All the other fabrics are yummy too - I'm coming next time when Lorre is here - even if I have to sell off my family for the day!


Love the new quilt...the background is perfect. What a fun day you had.

barb v

congrats on finding the perfect background!

are you sewing wednesday?


megan, that background is just perfect, as the quilt
wanna come too for a shopping tour to Lancaster


I agree, repros are a good investment. You chose wisely!!

Susan Knapp

We did have fun! Thanks for joining me and DH. I can't wait to see the reds and whites in the finished product. OH-- I found a few more shops before heading west. Don't tell DH that the trunk is full. Talk to you soon.


I really like the background fabric that you picked up in Lancaster. Oh and of course the other fabrics as well they are beautiful!! It sounds like you had a good time, but it never hurts to return!


I'll join the chorus and agree that you found the perfect background fabric! Will work perfectly!

Nope never have too many repro fabrics...always new ones and more fabulous ones to get!!


Love the red!! And of course Lancaster.


Gorgeous repros, and you picked a great quilt to start. After looking at hundreds of quilts, I always find myself going back to vintage-looking nine-patch variations. Have fun.


I gotta ask Megan, the red/white background fabric, what range is it from? I have just this past week stitched 80 9 patch blocks to do a 9 patch swap, and they are civil wars, and seen this quilt and thought WOWEEE I LOVES IT! the red/white is perfect to go with what I have done and what I am sure others will do!

take care possum and happy easter to you! Hope the easter bunny brings you lots of lovely choccy's



I am so jealous that you went to Lancaster. I grew up there, but have now been in Massachusetts longer than I lived there, and I still miss it! Have you found Lapp's Dry Goods yet?


I love this quilt. I'm considering to make a mini!! GREAT fabric choice :-)

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